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Brief history

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Bauhinia eco-social was founded in 2016 by a group of friends who had just left university. We were a group of young people who wanted to support small sustainable businesses.  In 2018, Bauhinia underwent a restructuring and we became a social and environmental initiative. We tested our ideas, strengthened local initiatives and started to create projects in the peripheral green areas of SP.

Today Bauhinia has become an extension of the dreams and desire for social change of this group of young people who have not stopped believing that it is possible to think and do projects for a  different way. In a way that respects the demands of communities, brings economic and social returns and conserves the planet.  

Today, with three years of eco-social Bauhinia, the dream has grown and is dreamed of by many more people. In 2021, we became a non-profit organization and we have people and projects that share the same dream as us, to have a more egalitarian and sustainable world.

Where does the name Bauhinia come from?

The company name Bauhinia, comes from a tree, of the botanical genus "Bauhinia" which is popularly called "cow's foot". This genus gathers more than 300 species around the world, with 39 species that are uniquely Brazilian. Bauhinia is a tree that connects Brazilian ecosystems and the urban environment (since it is a tree widely used in landscaping in cities, we are sure that there is a Bauhinia in its way in everyday life in São Paulo). That's why we chose her to represent us, because we want to preserve Brazilian systems, fighting social problems in cities and reconnecting people with nature for a better world.


Now when you find a "cow's paw" in the street you'll remember us!

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Areas of expertise


Sustainable Community

Sustainability involves individual and collective actions so that all spaces are inclusive, safe and increasingly green. Bauhinia works on projects with different themes that rescue human relations and cooperativism in everyday actions. Thus, we aim to:

  • Encourage the participation of different actors in favor of Sustainable Development;

  • We promote environmental education actions that encourage reflections on our way of consuming and acting;

  • We create opportunities to generate income in communities, through actions that value community-based tourism, waste pickers and local businesses such as cooperatives and collective kitchens 

  • With all this, we intend to form a network of people who think of innovative solutions to conserve our biomes and fight social inequality in cities.


Sustainable Agriculture

Sustainable agriculture goes far beyond taking care of the environment, it also takes care of those who plant and who eat. It is a movement that guarantees quality of life and good food for future generations, for those who live in the countryside or in the city. Thus, we intend to:

  • Valuing work in the field

  • Valuing the knowledge of those who work in the field

  • Increase farmers' income

  • Connecting people in the city with the reality of the countryside

  • Stimulate the production and consumption of healthy, poison-free foods in areas close to rural areas.

  • Decrease food waste in production

  • Foster conscious consumption groups in the urban environment

  • Move people to put their hands on the ground.



Diversity is a wealth, it  makes the life of every being that inhabits the earth: unique and authentic ..  

we believe it is  need  fight inequalities and prejudices so that we can live in a more inclusive community,  fair and sustainable.  A COMMUNITY OF ALL. Our diversity projects aim to:


• Strengthen actions that fight inequality and violence against women  

• Foster education actions in favor of the inclusion of all

• Valuing the history of traditional communities

• Fighting all kinds of prejudice

• Carry out respectful actions to celebrate diversity



What do we have in common?

We are connected! our lives are one:


We live in the same ecosystem and share the same soil, the same rain, the same water, the same roots.


From the midst of cities and their suburbs, projects are born by people who want to take care of the planet and take care of their communities.

people who want to take care of people

these projects deserve technical support so that they are effective social movement and transformation initiatives


They deserve respect for the knowledge and experiences that gave rise to it

They deserve to be empowered with transparency and respect so they can create a more sustainable community


with humanity

the community

makes common

the humanity

in the city

eco-social BAUHINIA

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